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Crystal's Hell Hole

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Monday, October 25th, 2004
4:12 pm - i think its funny how i hardly update anymore
You're Sway from "Gone In Sixty Seconds"!
The grungy, adrenaline rushing, car stealing,
Sway. You're more of a tomboyish girl, the one
to have more guy friends than girl ones. Lets
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Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
3:39 pm
marcy gets put in indiana in 30 days then around the 1st of the year..iraq. so correction on that other entry.
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Monday, September 6th, 2004
4:14 pm
my sister just got activated to go to iraq. she had 30 days, and leaves sometime around the 1st of the year. i swear, this year is gonna suck balls.

current mood: angry
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1:33 pm - hahahahahahahaaaaa
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Sunday, September 5th, 2004
8:17 pm
GrAvE RobBeR 716:holy shit
GrAvE RobBeR 716:i forgot allll about summer reading!
Hyperchik2388: my book fell in the toilet
GrAvE RobBeR 716: LMFAO
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Friday, September 3rd, 2004
12:00 am - hey if you get bored.. you know what to do!
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Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
12:45 am
i just caught bailey sneaking a drink from the toilet bowl. haha. dogs are the best pets ever!
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Saturday, August 28th, 2004
10:03 pm
OK! first of all i think we sounded pretty good today except for one mess up, and thanks tim for coming! heh. after that we all went swimming in anthonys pool. then he took me to my house to get a change of clothes and he entered his tempest into the car show. hehe.

after that, me chris, dan and dave went to oxford and i was sitting around, THEN MY NOSE STARTS BLEEDING. out of fucking nowhere too. lmao. it was nasty. :/

ok so heres the schedule...

1. cp eng 3 220
2. sociology 233
3. cp us hist 2 223
4. lunch
5/6 adv. art 1 302
7/8 comm art 1 303
9/10 alg 2 211
11. gym
12. cp chem 306
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Thursday, August 26th, 2004
5:14 pm
and for the fiftieth fucking timee. i hate god damn needles!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh.
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Monday, August 23rd, 2004
1:28 pm
fuck fuck fuck a duck
screw a kangaroo
69 a porcupine
orgy at the zoo!!


im trying to get ahold of christian because yeah. wahhhhhhhh!!!

i just got up at 1 because i was up like all last night.

i feel like buying a car. but i only have like $2,300. haha. that wont get me shit. well maybe a p.o.s. lol

orrrrrrrrr.... i want to go swimming. but my pool is dirrrrrty. and i dont feel like vacuming it. hehe.
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3:36 am
well just got woken up to myself choking (trying to swallow) on my own blood. nose bleeds suck especially when youre sleeping. i ran to the bathroom with a pool of blood in my hands and it was like dripping everywhere. THIS MEDICATION BLOWS!!!! im afraid to go back to sleep. :(
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Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
10:29 am
woah. i just found out that wawa gets paid 7 bucks an hour. fuck friendlys. i get paid shit and have to do wayyyyy more than i would at wawa. plus wawa is closer to me than friendlys. its either pumping gas (which isnt bad, except for the cold months) or making subs. now thats easy shit. im goin tomarrow with my dad to see if theyre hiring. i hope they are. lol.

i went to this bar called trinity in hoboken last night for my sisters suprise party. it was right up on the hudson and damn it was gorgeous. the buildings looked like christmas lights.

today=work 12-6

my sister-in-law is throwing my brother a suprise party for his 30th bday tonight. but i have to be late cuz work and yadda yadda. this time in staten island. woo. and yes i realized 2 suprise parties in the same weekend.

my god this morning went by so fast. all i want to do is sleep.

and crystal the party isnt gonna be that late.. and ill ask if maybe you can come with us, cuz theres nothing else to do tonight. you dont have to but ill keep the option open nigg! yeaha! lol ill call you after 6 playa!
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Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
9:12 pm
lol today was interesting.. mother found the smokes. lmao. she was like "oh you bad girl!" lol its so funny that she finds them now wen i was really trying to quit. but she never found them before. heh its all good tho. we struck up a deal.

i started drawing the other day because i was crying. i drew what i felt. it came out really good.

i also started reading the dreaded summer reading book "the heart is a lonely hunter" and its really fucking good so far. but its about 350 pages. wooo! lol yeh rite. my eyes cant focus for some reason, idk why.

today was also the 3rd day of training and everyone in my group hates the fucking trainer. hes so uptight and he doesnt know that hes doing. its retarded. im becoming friends with everyone. theyre all pretty laid back and cool people.

16 candles is on!!! yeah bitch!!!

current mood: tired
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Saturday, August 14th, 2004
11:28 pm
my fucking head hurts from pat richie chris and vin all jumping on me at the same time. lmao. i was laying on the floor minding my own damn business and boom! one after another. it was hilarious i couldnt stop laughing.

ive also come to the conclusion that i suck at ddr. i think the fastest i can do is like 100 bpm. lol. that shit is hard.

tommarrow i really have no clue of what im doing. i know i have to wake up at 8:30 for orientation to friendlys. woooo hoo. 10 to 2. not that bad. probably gonna get the dorky uniforms and all that jazz. lmao. hey atleast ill be in the back and no one can ever see me. hahaha. money here i come!!!! yes!!! time to save for car!! lol.

monday.. really looking forward to seeing alex. probably gonna see a movie then go to christians house. weeee! lol

current mood: excited
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12:09 am
today was pretty fun. i did the usual of goin to christians and everyone came over. salt water day is cancelled and rescheduled to the 28th... so everyone go!!! lol. w/e

i neeeeeed desperately to go school shopping. i hate shopping but i need jeans. BAD. i wore them out so much this summer since i spent alot of it outside.. practicing.. or walking someplace. idk if we have any money at the moment tho. 2 pairs.. then ill be happy. thats all i want! damnit!!! hahaha.

oh damn crystal.. memorieeeessss..... MARY WALSH YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!!! lmfao! i heart friday the 13th.

current mood: chipper
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Thursday, August 12th, 2004
1:09 am
i wanna watch a movie that i havent seen in a while.. like slc punk, gia, american history x, rocky 4, 10 things i hate about you, old school, oh damn the list goes on.. i need movies!!! lmao.
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Monday, August 9th, 2004
11:55 pm
Emanon is playing on saturday at 1:30pm at salt water day in the harbor! so please come see us play!!! Pleassseeeee.. i need people to come!! and its free!!!
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11:35 am
last night was so funny. me pat richie and vinny toked up in oxford park. i felt bad for richie cuz he didnt feel anythin cuz it was his first time... but wow patrick was stupid. lmao. he couldnt stop laughing. vinny couldnt stop smokin stoges.. and i was just chillin out. i couldnt talk cuz umm it just wouldnt have happend. lol

well today is the day i go for accutaine. wooo!! i hope this is the last crap i ever have to take for this horrible acne.
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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
2:45 am
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2:35 am
damnn i feel stupid drunk rite now. holy crap man. today i went to christians house and melissa berkanop, dawn jeff and anthony came over. dude i wish i could bang the living hell out of jeff. hes so damn hott. lmao.. im not gonna remember any of this tommarrow so i better type it now. its amazing how i can type but i cant walk straight. lmao a nice guy.. not saying any names called me today and was like oh were hanging out tuesday because i have to talk to you. mind you.. i told him that i liked him and he was totally into this other girl so i said ok no big deal... you know i wouldnt want to be second best like i always am in relationships. and he said ok so its all good. so today he calls me! im like ok what the fuck do you think i am man. i had already gotten over him lol.. yeah i know im quick. but nothin ever happend so i couldnt get attached. and i dont really know what im talkn about. im talkinm out of my ass i think. haha. nahh im just fuckin with you. but yeah so that really pissed me off.

ahh i hoped i typed that ok so you could all understand because it hard to read when the letters are so close together.

this was also my first time meeting melissa as she seems pretty cool. just thought i would add that little note.

current mood: drunk
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